AcuRite Indoor Humidity Monitor Advantages And Disadvantages

We don't think about humidity a whole lot until we start noticing a feeling of nasal congestion, dry eyes, and itchy skin.

Controlling your humidity levels in your home is very important. First, for mold, second for health reason and third, it just makes you feel better to have the right humidity level in your home.

If your home doesn't have the proper level of humidity inside it, not only is it not comfortable for you, but it is also uncomfortable for your property. Furthermore, if you have too little or too much moisture in the air, it can cause many problems.

Relative humidity in your home should be kept in a 30 to 60% range for optimum comfort. In the winter months, you hear people start to complain about feeling dry and they blame their heating system. But the real culprit is actually the excessive moisture in the air, especially in older homes.

For health reason, having 50% humidity in your home where you're living is crucial to your overall health. You can eat the highest quality foods, drink the healthiest teas or use essential oils, but you're still going to have problems because of the environment you're living in doesn't have the right humidity where bacteria, viruses, fungi, and infections can grow and spread out.

Signs of High Humidity

  • Condensation on Windows
  • Sweating Pipes
  • Mold and mildew growth in some areas of your home.

That's why it's very important to monitor the humidity levels in your home. By checking and adjusting the humidity level in your home, you can help prevent the potential health problems and keep a comfortable life.

What AcuRite Indoor Humidity Monitor Can Do?

AcuRite Indoor Humidity Monitor is a compact, little device that offers a whole lot of information at your fingertips.

It will give you the current humidity whether it thinks it is low or high, the range that it's been for this unit that it's seen in the same day in the last 24 hours, the current temperature and the range of temperatures that this particular unit has seen. The device also offers superior precision over an extended temperature and humidity range.

Its size allows you to maximize space and nestle away in your desk at work. In terms of accuracy, the most accurate range is from 20% to 80%.

What's In The Box?

  • Acurite Indoor Humidity Monitor that operates on one AA battery.
  • Instruction Manual

AcuRite Indoor Humidity Monitor Main Features

  • It displays temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • It shows 24-hour records of the highest and lowest temperature and humidity readings of the day.
  • Totally wireless magnet-mountable, fold-out stand, and clip design meter.
  • Limited 1-year warranty.
  • Small enough to fit just about anywhere.
  • Low battery indicator.

Advantages Of AcuRite Indoor Humidity Monitor

  • Combination temperature/humidity gauge with a compact, easy to read display.
  • Registers daily highs and lows for both temperature and humidity to ensure your comfort and health.
  • Simple house icon readout for indicating humidity comfort levels.
  • Ready for immediate display with magnet backing and foldout stand.
  • Clip and magnet mounting options for use on a tabletop wall or magnetic surface.
  • It delivers reliable readings for any indoor location.
  • Very helpful especially for people who are overly sensitive to weather.

Disadvantages Of AcuRite Indoor Humidity Monitor

  • Thermometer reading smaller than humidity size.
  • The only way to reset is to remove the batteries.
  • It has no battery life information.


AcuRite Indoor Humidity Monitor is the best buy for its price and functionality. It provides you the information you need for your indoor environment. Overall, this is a useful and cheap humidity monitor to check how well humidifiers and air conditioners are working, minimize health problems, increase home comfort, prevent property damage and predict upcoming weather.