Are Wooden Hot Tubs Really the Best?

All you want to do at the end of a long, hard week is relax! And what better way to relax your body and refresh your spirit than in your own hot tub?

At Swedish Hot Tubs, we sell only the finest wood-fired hot tubs. So naturally, we’re biased towards wooden hot tubs. However, we also acknowledge that there are alternatives, including acrylic and inflatable hot tubs.

The Benefits of Inflatable and Acrylic Hot Tubs

Before you conclude that our wood hot tubs are really the best option, consider what the competition offers. Acrylic and inflatable models have plenty of benefits! Don’t believe us? Read on!

·      The “Aesthetic Appeal” of Inflatable Tubs

If the neighbors find out you have a hot tub, they’ll constantly be nagging you to come over for a chance to relax in what’s supposed to be your personal sanctuary. After a while, those requests can get a little annoying. For exactly these reasons, inflatable hot tubs exist! Anyone who catches sight of these bulky eyesores will be so repulsed they would never dare ask to come over! So, clearly, it’s easy to benefit from the aesthetics of inflatable hot tubs.

·      Experience the “Fun” of Buying a New Hot Tub Every Year!

Buying a new hot tub is fun. If you hope to experience the “new hot tub rush” every few years by continuously buying new hot tubs, then get an inflatable or acrylic tub! The cheaper, the better. After just a few years, acrylic hot tubs show noticeable signs of age. And inflatable hot tubs? They age even quicker. They’ll start getting wear and tear immediately and you’ll be able to purchase a brand-new one in no time!

The Benefits of Wooden Hot Tubs

Now, we’ll go over the pros of wood hot tubs.

·      They have TRUE aesthetic appeal.

Sorry, they won’t keep those pesky neighbors away, but you’ll find them much more enjoyable nonetheless. They seamlessly blend in with your landscaping. They enhance the appearance of your garden, rather than being an eyesore that sends the neighbors screaming.

·      They’re a long-lasting investment.

Plus, wood-fired tubs are durable, so you can depend on them to last for years to come. You won’t have to get a new one anytime soon, so your pocketbook will certainly thank you! Our luxury Swedish wood hot tubs will outlast bad weather and years of joyous use without visible aging. Get a wood hot tub if you care about quality that lasts.

So, let’s review. Acrylic and inflatable hot tubs are eyesores, and they aren’t a lasting investment. On the other hand, wooden hot tubs are lovely to look at, and they endure years of wear and tear.

Are you convinced yet? If a wood hot tub is what you want, browse our selection today! We offer basic, premium, and exclusive quality Swedish hot tubs in a variety of colors and styles. All are constructed with top-notch quality and are built for the ultimate relaxation.