Kona Grill Brush - A Sure-fire Way of Cleaning Your Grill

Did you know that one of the secrets for delicious grilled meat is a squeaky-clean grill?

A grill grate and residues when left unclean will produce bad taste on food and may even cause grill fire. The residue builds a black crust carbon that tastes like burnt toast. As being unhygienic, it may also be a source of contamination that may contaminate your food and cause food-borne pathogens. Worst, burnt meat may also cause cancer, as being carcinogens. Now that is a big risk for the family. You would not want contaminated burnt meat and an unhealthy family, do you?

The solution to these grilling problems is a good quality grill brush.

One of the best Grill brushes in the market as published by the Business Insider, April 2019 Edition is the Kona Grill Brush.


If you do not want the bristles to get stuck in the grill, then this brush is perfect for you. It is safe for ceramic and porcelain coated grates. It is durable yet made of perfect sturdy materials. It also produces healthy grilling since it perfectly cleans all the residues left in the grill. You do not want to let your family wait for cleaning the grill so long. This brush is perfect since it has 3 brushes in 1, which makes times 3 strokes of a conventional brush. Now that’s an effortless cleaning.


Instead of a common type brush that is made of bristles, the Kona Grill brush is made of spirals of metal that can easily clean the gaps of the grill whether how small it is. It also has a long handle and strap that is made of leather which makes it durable. Other common brushes that are made of bristles would fall out as you use it. But not for this grill brush. It is made of metal bristles and will not melt like the nylon brushes. Guaranteed, this brush will not break. Though it is made of metal, it has no sharp edges, so your grill would be scratch-free and keeps the grill shiny and squeaky-clean! It is safe to use for Char-broil, Weber, Ceramic, Infrared and Porcelain grill.


Its price is very affordable for its good quality. It ranges from $15 to $20 only and comes with a 10-year warranty. You could also save by availing bundles on AMAZON. As an introductory sale, it is available at a lower price.

Pros and Cons

The best Pro of this brush would be its durability. It is guaranteed to last 5 times longer, than a conventional brush. Its accessories are innovative for easy use. Its length is around 18 inches with a long and sturdy weather-resistant handle, ideal to keep the hands away from the heat.

Safety first is a big advantage. The only disadvantage of this brush is the possible rusting since it is made of metal. However, as you clean it properly and store it properly, rusting may be avoided. If rust occurs, it will not affect the performance of the brush though.


As the latest meaningful innovation in grill accessories, this is a perfect grill that is worth your investment. Included in one of the top 10 Best grills published by wildtrend.com and livegrilling.com, its quality is undeniably validated. Lightweight yet sturdy. Made of rigid built that last long, this brush is perfect for grilling quality.

Make your 20-dollar spent worthy by purchasing a grill like this. Keep your family healthy and great gift ideas to friends and relatives as well. Risk-free grilling, with “no-hassle” warranty, Kona Grill Brush is absolutely a sure-fire way of cleaning your grill.