Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Review - Extremely Versatile Pan For All Your Cooking Needs

Cooking...is LOVE made visible.

As true as this quote says, so does cooking with the right cookware is essential.

Sweating all over, cooking for several hours, with a result that does not satisfy your taste buds, will you still be able to show smiles and cuddles to your loved one? Probably, disappointment is what is visible.

But, fret no more! There is a solution for your cooking needs – A versatile cookware for efficient and easy cooking. Introducing the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet!

Lodge has been in the business for more than 100 years. Lodge is a family of US origin which built trust all through the years in cookware business. Known for its good and high quality, an investment with this pan is going to be worth a lifetime.

Safety and Durability

It is a no match with the modern non-stick fry pans. Back in the 3rd Century BC, it is widely used in China. Being used for a really long time, its durability is trusted. In addition to that, its safety is also proven compared with modern pans nowadays. Aluminum coated pans have reportedly been one of the contributors for Alzheimer's disease due to the aluminum content having mixed with food. In this regard, cooking with aluminum pans is considered unsafe.

Non-stick pans, however, scratches easily on high heat. The scratches may not be safe also in contact with food. So as the copper base on stainless steel pan which is not efficient in cooking steak, Ceramic pans are also dangerous because of its lead content which may have contact with food. Lead is a toxic chemical leading to nervous system damage. Pans made of glass may be useful, but on direct flame, it breaks.

That brings us to cast iron pans that are effective in cooking even on high heat. The iron may react with the food, however, Lodge cast iron pans are pre-seasoned which tends to separate food from the metal.         

The Parts

The handles and the whole Lodge skillet are cast with iron. The handle is sturdy even it gets hotter inside a hot oven or grill. The two handles are right in size to use inside the oven or the grill as well. The sides of a Lodge skillet are perfect for baking biscuits, cobbler, and cornbread. It is also best for deep frying since it has a deep depth.

The Cooking

These pans require less oil since you need to pre-heat the pan before putting the oil. Thin oil is only needed for the whole surface. Pre-heating of the pan prevents food from burning. Also, it is pre-seasoned, making it similarly close to nonstick pans. Food is cooked evenly in this kind of skillet since it has a high emissivity that stainless steel. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Pan is also useful for roasting, baking, deep frying, sautéing, grilling, and broiling. Quite a variety isn’t it?


Among the numerous advantages of using this pan, the usual negative feedback would be its weight. Since it is made of iron, it is quite heavy. They also have to be pre-heated which is time-consuming.


The best does not always mean the most expensive. This pan only costs $27 and available on sale most of the time in online stores. This is sure worth your money.

How To Use Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Using this comes in handy. It is seasoned and ready to use. Just rinse and let it dry, and voila! Start cooking! Do not forget to use a handle mitt when using this since it conducts very high temp of heat. When cleaning, just clean it with a nylon scrub brush along with soap. Dry it with a paper towel or cloth and hang in a safe place afterward.

Old is gold. Having this in your kitchen is a fortune for it gives ease to your cooking with great quality of food. Over the years, generations to generations, this pan has been widely used in households, proving its durability and efficacy. Sounds a good investment isn’t it?