Mr. Beams® Wireless Motion Sensor LED Spotlight Shines Your Paths For You

Motion sensor lights are one of the important equipment to scare away trespassers and thieves. In many instances, thieves attack homes with low light or even without light. This is to prevent them from being caught. Installing one in your property will surely give them the signal that your home is not to mess up with.

The lights are specially designed to turn on when they sense movement around your property. This feature is useful in alerting the owner of a possible intruder and hopefully scares them away. Wireless motion sensor LED spotlight not only help prevent break-ins, but they also help in reducing the electricity cost.

The motion sensors are actually a kind of security system to know if someone is around or even inside your home. It relies on technologies to sense any movement in a given area. LED Spotlight provides instant home security and safety lighting.

Mr. Beams® Wireless Motion Sensor LED Spotlight Features

  • Very bright LED lighting with minimum power consumption.
  • The motion sensors automatically turn the spotlight on and off.
  • It also has a weatherproof design for durability.
  • Simple and can be installed easily. It only takes less than 5 minutes to install.
  • Provides 350 square feet of coverage.
  • Can be installed anywhere because of its wireless features.


  • Easy installation. All it takes is a screwdriver and the included mounting hardware. Due to its wireless feature, the LED spotlight can be installed anywhere – porches, decks, fences, garages, trees.
  • Auto shut off. Thirty seconds after movement stops, the spotlight shuts off automatically. This convenient, built-in feature helps the batteries last longer, and the batteries can last up to one year.
  • UV Light Sensor. The spotlight can tell when the sun is out. This means that it only turns on from dusk to dawn, which in effect saves batteries.


  • The LED Spotlight is said to be waterproof. However, some customers have found corrosion inside the sensors due to moisture.
  • Touchy sensor. The motion sensors are too sensitive, which may be a glitch and there is no other way to adjust the sensitivity.
  • Inconsistent quality. Due to its affordable price, people tend to buy them in multiples. However, some units in multipack work perfectly and others are defective. Remember to test the units first so you can easily return the unit if you run into a problem.

Price: $ 19.28


Mr. Beams® Wireless Motion Sensor LED Spotlight is a fantastic balance between energy efficiency and security. With the motion sensor technology able to sense movement in the darkness, you do not have to keep the lights running continuously through the night, which will save the cost of energy and prolong the life of the bulb.

By using this innovative motion sensor wireless LED spotlight, you will be able to save on installation time. You just have to replace the batteries from time to time. This type of lighting fixture can help in maintaining security to your home and backyard, as well as provide good lighting to meet your needs.