Wake Up In a Better Mood with Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

The Philips wake up light alarm clock has a colored sunrise simulation, and a sunset fading night light effect, with which it provides a natural way to kick off your morning.

In this lamp, you get to enjoy a sunrise simulation, as well as the brightness setting up to about 20 times, and the light steadily increases between 20 and 40, some moments before your alarm time. With this light, you can also wake up to sounds that are inspired by nature.


According to research, UV-free wake-up lights can help you start your day to an improved mood and an increased energy level. In another vein, the light-responsive dimming feature can guide you to natural and restful sleep.

Further in the research for this lamp, it was found that it was actually functional in this aspect, as many users claimed that the lamp helped them get out of bed. It wakes the user up, in a more natural way, and have them to be more energetic. The lamp is inspired by nature’s sunrise, combining the light therapy and sound, in a bid to wake users up in a more natural way.

With the Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock, you are able to select the time you want to wake up and allow your body to be eased by gentle sunrise. The light comes on about 30 minutes before the alarm time you set, and begins to glow, increasing steadily. At the end of the 30 minutes, you should be fully awake, as gentle and natural as it can get. One cool thing about the brightness is that you can always adjust it to whatever intensity you want it to be.  

There are various features of the lamp, with roles, that makes the lamp different from a regular lamp.

  • Sunrise simulation: The sunrise simulation is one amazing feature that conditions the body to wake up naturally, and alarm time.
  • Personalized light settings: Owing to the fact light sensitivity differs from person to person, the lamp has been programmed and designed to respond to the various. Generally, with higher light intensity, a person needs less time to become fully awake.
  • Serves as a bedside lamp: This wake-up light serves as a relaxing, sunset simulating light that gently parries you to dreamland. When the room becomes dark, the brightness level is adjusted to a pleasing soft level, which can also be used to read at night.
  • Tap to snooze: There are some cool extra features that come with the Philips wake up the lamp, such as, you can activate the wake up lights smart snooze by touching anywhere on the light when the alarm goes off, which makes you enjoy extra 9 minutes of sleep.


  • It has 5 different natural sounds you can choose from
  • It helps you wake up naturally without leaving you to complain.


  • The lightbulb cannot be replaced.

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock is great if you want to enjoy the feeling it gives you while waking up, but you should carefully consider if you would love to be a return customer every now and then when the lightbulb malfunctions. All in all, it’s a must-have product.