About us

Luxury Swedish Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Our mission is to bring some luxury wood fired joy to every home & garden in the UK. With our simple, safe and efficient Swedish wood-fired hot tubs we are doing just that. All our tubs are manufactured in Europe to the highest standards and all materials and methods used are second to none.
We create our hot tubs using PE roto-moulded into our custom designs. This method means the hot tubs are completely recyclable, almost indestructible and totally family safe. There is a choice of 3 types of wood finish, Cedar, Spruce & Thermowood to cater to most tastes and styles. We also stock two types of hot tub heater setup, internal and external. Also, to compliment your hot tub we stock a full range of extras and accessories.
The Swedish Hot Tubs manufacturing facility is located in northern Europe with specialist roto-moulding equipment used to create our luxury hot tub range. We have distribution facilities in Shropshire where we can assemble and send out your new Swedish Hot Tub 5 days a week.
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