Thermowood & Beige Granite - 25 KW  Internal Heater

Thermowood & Beige Granite - 25 KW Internal Heater

Swedish Hot Tubs

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Our EXCLUSIVE Swedish Hot Tub Range is a larger tub than the Premium, Basic and Hot Pot ranges.  It comes with a Thermowood Surround & Beige Granite Moulded PE Tub.

Internal Tub Dimensions - 1.8 Mtrs - Ideal for 4 - 6 people.

Our premium range comes in 3 types of wood with an internal aluminium heater, all molded in one piece of Eco-friendly recyclable PE plastic.

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Each tub comes with;

✔ PE molded recyclable plastic shell
✔ The breathable wooden frame of Thermowood
✔ Internal aluminium heater with 2 x 1 m stainless steel pipe and rain hood
✔ Thermowood protection rack
✔ 2 pieces wide stainless steel straps
✔ Insulating ring under the seat
✔ Drain set

Why a Swedish Hot Tub?

✔ A molded PE plastic inner shell
✔ No welding or seams present in the shell
✔ No sharp edges
✔ Leakage is impossible
✔ No problems with polyester or fiberglass osmosis
✔ Water-Saving Design
✔ Quickly warmed
✔ High-quality materials
✔ Safety first
✔ Fully recyclable inner shell
✔ Focused on the user experience with our design
✔ Authentic appearance
✔ Breathable wooden frame
✔ Low maintenance


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